New signing for Groovy Chick® as Bang on the Door turns 30!

DRi Licensing is excited to announce an exciting new signing for Bang on the Door’s Groovy Chick® and Friends as the brand gears up for a milestone anniversary this year.


2018 marks the 30th anniversary of Bang on the Door, and joining the licensing line up for Groovy Chick® is TDP Textiles who will be launching nightwear, underwear and daywear for both tweens and adults.


The re-launch of this nostalgic girls brand will target both the original audience, now in their 20’s, and the core 4-9 girls age group.


Groovy Chick® was created in the 90s by dynamic design studio Bang on the Door. The brand was an extraordinary success at retail, attracting 80+ licensees and was widely acknowledged as a phenomenon in the UK licensing industry, generating a multi-million pound business across multiple product categories.


“We’re delighted that as Bang on the Door prepares to turn 30, we can celebrate the brand’s success by welcoming TDP to the licensing programme. The new collections will appeal both to young girls who are being introduced to the brand and to the twenty-somethings who have fond memories of Groovy Chick® from their youth,” added Alicia.

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