Edward Monkton

After the worldwide success of Purple Ronnie, best-selling children’s author Giles Andreae went on to create The Interesting Thoughts of Edward Monkton, a humorous brand with a left-field take on love, life, friendship and happiness. Edward Monkton features bold, simple graphics and wistful, intelligent text that resonates with both men and women and the young and old alike. Genuinely original and instantly recognisable, the brand contains real emotion and warmth.

Edward Monkton has one of the most successful and iconic ranges of greetings cards in the UK, with over 10 million sold since launch and is a brand with real depth and heart.

“Spread Happiness with your stationery. Spread Love with your cup of tea. Look for originality, warmth, depth and quirkiness in your home. Be Playful in everything you do.

That is the essence of Edward Monkton.”


Air Puppy

Air Puppy is a gorgeous, contemporary and aspirational lifestyle brand. Based on the hugely successful soft toy range, and already well established in the mid-tier retail sector, Air Puppy offers a mix of traditional designs with fashionable and on-trend styling to create something completely authentic and new.

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