Roald Dahl is named the greatest storyteller of all time

World renowned children’s author, Roald Dahl has topped the poll to be been named as the greatest storyteller of all time.

The nationwide poll of 2,000 adults commissioned by Canon UK to launch its 365 Days of Summer competition saw the acclaimed storyteller come out on top with an overwhelming 58 per cent of the vote.

Canon UK commissioned the research to find a storyteller to spend a year identifying and living 365 new stories from around the world. The results featured some of the world’s most famous authors, songwriters, artists and photographers.

Roald Dahl saw off major competition beating the likes of Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare and the creator of Harry Potter, JK Rowling.

The BFG, James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda are just a handful of the creator’s masterpieces that have captivated children’s imaginations for over 5 decades.

The top ten also included Enid Blyton, J.R.R Tolkien, Lewis Carroll, Hans Christian Anderson and Walt Disney.

Iconic storytellers featuring in the top 50 included artist Banksy, songwriters: Adele and Ed Sheeran as well as directors and actors such as Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino and Morgan Freeman.

Alicia Davenport, Licensing Director at DRi Licensing said, “To be voted by the general public as the greatest ever storyteller amongst such esteemed company is an incredible accolade for the legacy of Roald Dahl.  His stories are as current and loved today as they have ever been, they not only resonate in the heart of adults that hold them dear from their own childhood, they are enjoyed and celebrated by the children of today.”

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